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Climate Wizard

Liberty Heating & Air Conditioning has become the factory representative for the Climate Wizard product in Las Vegas and the rest of the  Southern Nevada Region.   This product has brought extreme power savings to local large Casinos with a payback of less then 2 years and also provided a huge improvement with air quality and cigarette smoke control.   This product works extremely well in the Southern Nevada region within the Casino/Hotel, commercial buildings, Malls, and Industrial facilities.   For more information visit

Climate Wizard is an air handling unit that uses an indirect evaporative heat transfer core that provides hyper-efficient cooling of outside air.
It delivers 100% fresh, cool air, with greatly reduced energy consumption. Climate Wizard is a proven technology adopted across the world.

It’s different from traditional indirect evaporative coolers due to the Patented Climate Wizard Counter Flow Heat Exchange Core.

The main differences to alternative indirect evaporative coolers include:

  • The supply air temperature is always lower than the ambient wet-bulb temperature and approaches the dew point temperature
  • The external static pressure capability is much higher than other available systems
  • In stand alone applications, the airflows can be lower because the supply air temperature is lower therefore not as much air is required, and the duct sizes can be smaller
  • Higher heat exchanger efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • A unique supply air volume control damper
  • A unique heat exchanger water control design
  • Two chlorinators in order to maintain a healthy water system

Climate Wizard has been designed in Australia under rigorous quality standards by Seeley International, the leading Australian air conditioning manufacturer.




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